Regional Students Matter

 regional students matter

ICPA WA needs your help to advocate for regional students.   The McGowan Government has, amongst its cuts to rural education funding, announced it will:

  • Close 5 Schools of the Air (Update - decision overturned)
  • Close 2 Residential College boarding facilities (Update - 1 to close)
  • Close 6 Camp Schools located throughout WA (Update - remaining open. New management to be sought.)
  • Cut funding from Gifted and Talented programs (Update - decision overturned)
  • Cut funding from Agricultural Colleges and reduce the delivery of the Department of Education Agricultural curriculum (Update - will take place)

The cuts are clearly targeted at rural and remote students and their families.  If implemented, they will be devastating to the regions of Western Australia. No child's access to education should be hindered because they live in rural Western Australia.

Please stand beside us. Know your donation will support the cause to fight for regional students and pressure the McGowan government to do the right thing - reverse the decisions! Donations will  allow ICPA to continue the on-going fight of gaining equity of access to rural education for students, ask the hard questions of politicians and obtain and negotiate  details of  any operational changes arising from  overturned decisions.

Your donation will help to:

  • Provide materials such as brochures and banners to present our case
  • Assist in logistics, such as travel, to enable regional advocates to meet with MPs
  • Support on-going and widespread advertising



ICPA WA have also organised a GiveNow fund, below is a secure link to donate money to the fund.  This is our preferred option


Alternatively you can email to receive the account details.